How to Pack Appliance

How to pack appliances when moving

Moving to a new apartment is quite an intimidating procedure for many people. Organizing a move actually takes quite a lot of time and requires a certain amount of imagination. Improper packing can cause some trouble, such as loss or damage of an item during transportation.

This article will present tips that will help you to properly pack things so that this work does not take a lot of time and you will be able to bring all the things in one piece.

How to prepare appliance for packing

In preparation for the move be sure to prepare the following supplies: paper (you can newspaper), tape, boxes or boxes (preferably of different sizes), fabric, air and bubble wrap, strong bags, a marker for signing the package.

best to pack appliances when moving

Rules to follow when packing appliance

There are some rules that must be observed during the transportation of things and appliance items to the new home. For example, you should not immediately grab fragile items such as dishes, various figurines and other things that can easily get damaged.
It is best to start packing small, sturdy items such as clothes, underwear and books. And already then - last, you can collect furniture, appliances and electronics, large items.
There is a weighty rule, which is respected by specialists in freight transportation. So, the weight of the box or other container should not exceed 30 kg. Check this very easily if you have no scales at hand: you can try to move a box or a box with your thumb. It did not work? So you will have to move some of the items into another box or crate.

Sequence of packing and transporting things

So, first we gather things from the closet and mezzanine. We put bedding, curtains and other items of fabric in strong plastic bags. At the same time, do not forget to sign all the bags, because you will need linen and towels in the new apartment immediately. By signing the boxes they will be easier to find.
After that proceed to packing books. All kinds of periodicals (books, magazines, brochures) should be placed in a pile, sorted by 20 pieces, and wrapped in paper. This process will protect the corners of magazines and books from damage. Discs should be packaged in the same way, and then placed neatly into boxes. The voids that may form between the walls and the box items can be filled with a soft cloth or paper, and then the boxes themselves are sealed with tape.
Now you should start packing shoes and clothing. Suitcases or gym bags of large volume, where it is better to pack summer things, can help here. If there are clothes that should not be crumpled, it is better to put them in sturdy cases.

Rules to follow when packing appliance

When packing utensils, pay attention to sharp objects (knives and forks). They should be wrapped in strong paper and placed in the box so that they do not damage it. Fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap, newspaper, or a soft cloth. Pots and kitchen utensils should always be wrapped in several layers of newspaper so as not to damage other items.
Now you can devote time to packing the furniture set. It is desirable to sign all furniture on the back side. The furniture should be wrapped in film and packed in a large container, the bottom of which will be present corrugated cardboard.
It is necessary to allocate several bags for bolts and fittings, so as not to lose small items. If it was not possible to disassemble the furniture, all the drawers and doors can be sealed with duct tape. Thick sheets of cardboard can serve as protection for mirrors, which should be tied with duct tape or strong rope.

Useful tips for packing appliances when moving

Appliance should be packed at the last moment. All equipment should preferably be transported in its "native container", protected with foam. If this material is not available, it should be replaced with paper. To avoid damaging the equipment during transportation, put sheets of paper between the equipment and the walls of the box.
These few important tips are sure to be considered when packing things. Now you know the best way to pack things and appliances when moving.

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