Appliance Difficult to Moving

What home appliances should be taken care of

Transportation of appliances requires preparation and special care. How to organize the transportation of a computer, how to pack a TV for transportation, what are the rules for transportation of freezers - these and other nuances should be studied before the move. For this, let's list the types of appliances and find out what kind of preparation should be done for each type.

Appliance Difficult to Moving

Boxes from various types of appliances

Household appliances are divided into large and small. Large appliances include:
  • refrigerator;
  • a freezer;
  • dishwasher;
  • washing machine;
  • A washer and dryer.
Small appliances can include:
  • digital equipment and electronics: televisions, home theaters, music centers, computer equipment (in addition to the system unit and monitor, you need to carry related equipment - printers, scanners, game peripherals);
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • microwave oven.
Kitchen stuff:
  • bread maker;
  • food processor;
  • coffee machine;
  • air grill;
  • multicooker;
  • clothes dryer.
Refrigerators and freezers require special attention. 1-2 days before you move in, unplug the unit, defrost the chamber, and remove ice, if any. If your refrigerator has a no-frost system, you should clean it with a damp cloth.
Next, you must remove all the interior elements: shelves, bottle holders, drawers, and so on. If the shelves are glass - they should be packed separately in bubble wrap film and labeled brightly - fragile.
Check that the compressor is securely fixed, if necessary, you can lay a rag or cloth. Screw the supports all the way in during shipping. After that, the refrigerator or freezer should be wrapped in cardboard, film, and make sure that the angle of inclination does not exceed 20-30 degrees when loading.

Packing Appliances in Boxes

The dishwasher or washing machine should be prepared according to the following rules:
  • Disconnect all hoses and make sure there is no water left inside;
  • Close all the powder compartments tightly and secure them with tape for greater safety;
  • If the washing machine has a glass porthole, protect it with an extra sheet of corrugated cardboard or bubble wrap - this will protect against scratches and chips;
  • secure the adjustable catches on the back of the machine to prevent damage to the drum during shipping.
Home theaters, music centers, plasma TVs and computers are always not only fragile things, but also a lot of wires. To avoid losing anything, always twist the wire with string or wire, attach it to the appliances with duct tape.

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